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Unplug, , enjoy your common everyday surroundings and breathe.

Photo by Creative Photo Room. Design by SIC design studio

I personally enjoy making my own food from scratch.

Beside the fact that it’s more healthy, I can choose more basic ingredients like fruits and vegetables and less pre-made sauces.

That’s why the kitchen is the most used space in my house and the space that I enjoy spending time in. Especially if it is the kitchen that I designed.

There is so much creativity in designing a kitchen. The functionality, the materials of the surfaces, the cabinets and every single detail that will fulfill your needs. I definitely like beautiful spaces that create a sense of well-being.

Designing a kitchen is a kind of a mini-architecture. There is profound relationship between interior design and architecture. To create a space of great purity and simplicity.

We propose a dynamic space that is the epicenter of the home. With simple lines and clean surfaces and that will absolutely enhance your creativity.

Slow down, create and appreciate the time it takes to make your own food. For you and your loved ones.

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