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Living in a 45 square meter apartment!

A very smart and clever use of space can offer you the opportunity to live in 45 square meter apartment and feel comfortable and happy.

Small space with a bright and functional interior.

This is where we live and work for the past two years.

We purchased this apartment when we decided to move to Cyprus, in 2016. Until then, me and my partner have been living in Milan, Italy.

Tired of the hectic big city life, we decided to move to the island to live a more simple and quite life.

The apartment was in a totally bad condition since it was inhabited for 12 years (there was even a pigeon hole inside). But the position was amazing and very close to the beach and since we both come from design backgrounds we didn't have a doubt that we could transform it and make the most out of it.

We opened up the space and let a lot of natural light and air flow to enter from both sides. The main elements we had in mind from the beginning were simple and natural materials, plain geometric forms, clean lines and a lot of natural light. And the result was a blast!

It’s actually a mini-apartment given the size. Nevertheless, it doesn’t look that small. The rooms don’t seem crowded but they are airy and spacious despite their small size.

That's mostly because of the use of a very simple and bright palette, clean lines and no unnecessary features.

If you want to avoid creating a busy and cluttered interior, you have to keep things simple.

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