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Living in an island

854 802 people and 9 251km2 of surface.

This is Cyprus, a small island in the Mediterranean sea.

Photo from book by Nikolas Michael & George Pantazis

Life goes by much slower in an island.

In comparison to a big city like Milan (where we were living before), it surely does.

I don't know if it's the weather, the sea water and breeze or the uninterrupted views of the horizon but everything seems to flow in a slower pace.

It is the simple things we enjoy about changing the scenario and coming to live here.

1. The ocean. Whether it's a hangover, a cold or if you are feeling down, a dip in the ocean will cure everything.

2. 'Island time'. Life at a slower pace helps you appreciate the moment.

3. Less is more. Choosing less clothes every morning, less stress.

4. The art of walking barefoot. I am a naturalist and I love walking without shoes in the forest or by the seaside.

5. The weather is amazing. I hate winter and here there is sun almost all year long.

6. Good weather therefore many awesome activities. Windsurfing, snorkeling, diving, hiking, climbing.

7. Saturdays and Sundays are days of relax. And surely Sundays are all about doing nothing. A beach day is a perfect day to recharge your batteries for the week ahead.

8. Island life. It will give you time to reflect and teach you to step back and appreciate life.

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